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Cleaning Services.

Ntsako cleaning services specializes in industrial and commercial office cleaning, Retail & Mall cleaning.

  • Our service offering includes.
  • What we do… differently.
  • Ntsako Cleaning Service provides various services to a number of industries and sectors. We are particularly proud of the following
  • General cleaning contract.

Services Offered Include

  • Retail & Mall cleaning.
  • Office & Outdoor cleaning.

What we do differently

Because we partner with you we’re able to add strategic value to your sites in a number of ways

  • Our teams of cleaning staff will act as your eyes and ears on the ground. They will assess your premises and generate incident reports for you on a daily basis. Where appropriate we will make recommendations regarding more strategic use of your space and/or your recycling and waste disposal systems. By offering you green cleaning options, we will encourage you to reduce your footprint and impact on the environment whilst improving the health of your staff and customers..

General Cleaning Contract

Supply chain and logistics sector

  • Office cleaning
  • Wash-bay services.
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Hygiene services.

Public Sector/Retail Sector/Corporate Sector

  • Mall Cleaing
  • Outdoor Cleaing.
  • Carpet Cleaing.
  • Window Cleaing.
  • Hygiene Cleaing.
  • Retail environment cleaning services.
  • Office Cleaing.

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