Guard and Monitor

  • At Ntsako Risk Solutions we are dedicated to providing the “Right Person for the Right Job” even if this means going out of the way to train and educate our security officers to ensure they understand their legal responsibilities and site post orders.
  • Ntsako Risk Solutions guarantees that if you ask for something it is our responsibility to provide it! We provide fully uniformed security officers to guarantee that vandalism, trespassing etc. do not occur to your property.
  • In addition, we have highly skilled Quality Assurance personnel with extensive Military/Security/Law Enforcement experience who conduct random inspections of our staff to ensure superior service and accountability.
  • We also ensure that our security officers are using the latest equipment and technology with 24 hours Armed Response, 24 Hours Security Guarding and 24 Hours Alarm Monitoring All Our officers pass through a rigorous hiring process

Services Categories

All our Reaction Teams are equipped as standard with: Bullet proof vests Firearms Torches Two way radio communication Panic Buttons Handcuffs Pepper spray Tonfas Vehicle alley lights Electric fence test meters Master access keys and codes

  • Risk Assessment.
  • 24 Hours Armed Response.
  • 24 Hours Guarding Division.
  • 24 Hours Alarm Monitoring.
  • Car attended Guards
  • VIP protection.

Loss Prevention

  • The biggest challenges that every business faces is the loss of revenue because of theft. Every day lots of inventory and property is being stolen in every retail environment by their staff, customers and thieves. Ntsako Risk Solutions provides the most effective loss prevention services for this huge concern. Loss prevention officer is undercover security officer who observe, detain and arrest shoplifters, trespassers and thieves. Our loss prevention officers are also trained to provide evidence in court. Our loss prevention officer provides you efficient result of reduction in the stealing of your inventory and property.
  • As we know loss prevention is not what everyone can do, we have special loss prevention officers’ team.